AC’CENT Environmental Services, Inc.

ACCENT started 33 years ago.  Danny Brevard, P.G. has been the sole creator and owner of ACCENT since 1985.  In 1988, Danny developed a monthly vapor monitoring system called GAS SYSTEM® which has been successfully helping tankowners since the regulations began in 1989. 

Over one million vapor samples have been collected in those years. 

ACCENT has had over 150 technicians providing various services for the petroleum industry.  We currently work in every major location and city in Texas with our team of licensed and certified professionals.  We continue to donate hundreds of hours through the Texas EnviroMentor Program to help folks in our industry.  Our team offers training and best practice presentations to agencies such as the TCEQ, EPA, LADEQ, OCC, and many others.

Respected by Inspectors and Tankowners for integrity and superior knowledge.

ACCENT is a sole-source provider for school districts, non-retail facilities, cities, counties, small airports and state agencies as well as our terrific convenience store clients and friends. 

GAS SYSTEM® does everything needed for the Non-Retail Tankowner…EVERYTHING. 

Danny’s sons have been part of the ACCENT team for 17 plus years and they know how to do tanks!  In 2012, ACCENT started the “switch” to change everyday operation and control over to them.   It’s been a good decision.  Our clients and friends now have the expertise of not only Danny, but Eric, David and Adam.  The Legacy Continues.

ACCENT changes the rules for the Convenience Store Tankowner. 

ACCENT-US takes care of everything so you don’t have to. 

ACCENT has developed unique products to help our clients and friends.  We own and control our tests methods and equipment, some of it patented and/or proprietary. 

GAS SYSTEM®     SIRmadeSimple™          Dri-sump Containment Tightness Testing  

PSTData™ Management          ACCENT Corrosion Services™


ACCENT can provide repairs and replacements for most of your needs.  We can install spill and overfill, corrosion systems and repairs.

ACCENT team members are considered experts in the petroleum industry.  We have been expert witnesses in several states and we can provide good solid sensible answers to your compliance questions. 


    1 Million Vapor Samples                                                                             

    21,000 Vapor and Monitoring Wells

    17 States and 5 foreign countries                                                                

    8,200 Corrosion Projects and Inspections

    1 Million Line Tests and Inspections                                                         

    1 Million Tank Tests and Inspections

    10,000 Containment Sump Tests and Inspections


Professional Geoscience Firm #50150,

UST Licensed Contractor #CR0000072 and LPST Corrective Action Specialist #CS0000068

ACCENT solves your problems with insurance, fines, inspections and the new regulations. Email if you have questions.

ACCENT is a Member of PEI and a Veeder-Root-Red Jacket Distributor


Vapor Monitoring for tanks and lines, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to.  Perfect for any Non-Retail Facility.


Statistical Inventory Reconciliation that is really…simple.  Nothing new to learn.  We enter the data, or you can.  Also available for larger clients by purchasing the license fee…so you only pay once for a lifetime product.

PSTData™ Management

This one saves you from fines.  Helps with Delivery Certificates and Insurance reviews.  No computer programs to learn.  If you know how to email, that’s as hard as it gets.  We manage everything for you with Cloud backup.

ACCENT Corrosion Services™

From tank material verifications to anode bed replacements, everything “corrosion” is here.  Fast simple reports for all your corrosion inspections and testing.

Dri-sump™ Containment Tightness Testing

This is the new radical method to test your containment sumps and spill buckets.  It uses No Water, creates Zero Waste…and the Test is about 60 Seconds. 

Need Help with the New Regulations or have a quick question?

The New Regulations went into effect June 1, 2018, this year.  We know them well and can answer your questions.

Need Help with an Inspection?

This is where you better have the right “paper” or get a fine.  Contact ACCENT before your next inspection and play it safe.

Need Help with Monthly Inventory Control and the new “30 Day Rules)?

ACCENT has updated inventory sheets that make the change from monthly to 30 day a snap.

Need a Compliance Notebook?

This is a safe and simple way to keep all your records.

How to do all your C Operator training in 5 minutes.

You can train EVERYBODY with our 5 Minute C Operator Training Notebook.

Want to know what kind of tank and lines you have?

ACCENT uses our proprietary color In-Tank Camera to video the interior of your tank.  We can also provide certified tests to help.

Need a “reminder” about a test or renewal?

ACCENT will freely remind you about any test or renewal.  Just ask! 

Is your tank getting too old to use?

Let ACCENT do a forensic study on your UST system.

Request a copy of EPA 3rd Party Approvals. 

Many of our clients like to do things themselves.  We can help you through this process.

First, we determine exactly what you need to stay in compliance. 

Next, we help you make it happen.  It can save you a lot of money and you do as much as you want with your in-house folks who understand your business better than anyone else. 

ACCENT will design simple solutions and provide just the right amount of expertise. 

We offer unlimited usage licenses on some of our patented, EPA 3rd Party approved and proprietary methods and equipment. 

Basically, you become your own environmental testing and data management company! 

A simple phone call, text or email can start the process. 

Text, voice message: 936-225-5000, FAX: 936-202-2171 or email

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